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How do I request materials via Aeon?

Starting August 1, all researchers using Special Collections and University Archives, the Gordon W. Prange Collection, and Special Collections in Performing Arts at the University of Maryland will need to create an online account in Aeon to take a tour of the Collection, to request materials for use onsite in the Prange Collection or to place a duplication order.  Below are instructions for requesting Prange Collection materials using Aeon.

How Do I Request Materials?

There are multiple search tools for Prange materials, and the method of requesting materials using each search tool differs slightly. Below are some examples of how to request Prange materials.  Please contact us if you have any questions.

1) Requesting from the UMD Libraries Online Catalog (Classic Catalog)            

Go to the UMD Libraries Online Catalog (Classic Catalog).  Search for Prange Collection materials using a simple keyword or use the Advanced Search for a more in-depth search.


When you land on an individual item record (see the “Full View of Record” below), click on the “Request from Special Collections” link.


Clicking this link will prompt you to log in to your Aeon account.   Log in to Aeon (or create a new account – see this post for instructions), and the bibliographic information from the UMD Libraries Online Catalog will automatically appear on your New Request Form.  At the bottom of the form, please indicate when you plan to visit the Prange Collection to use the materials (this is a required field) and submit the request.


2) Manual Inputting

 If you wish to request materials using the search tools below, you will need to manually input the information into the Aeon request form.  Please put “Prange” at the beginning of Call No. box for ALL manual input requests. 

  • Lists of materials linked from the Prange website (such as the inventories of the List of Censored Books and Pamphlets and the List of Censored Education Books).
  • Requesting photographs from the News Agency Photographs.  For requesting the News Agency Photographs, please request the item(s) per box (input the box number in the Title Field).  For example, simply put “Box 1, Kyodo Tsushin” in the title field on the request form if you are requesting photos “K0430” and “K436.”  There is no need to input the title of each photograph.
  • Other finding aids (such as the print finding aid, Guide to the Gordon W. Prange Children’s Book Collection)
  • Inventories listed on or linked from the Guide to Gift Collections in the Prange Collection (such as the Kenneth E. Colton Papers or the  Marlene J. Mayo Oral Histories).  For requesting the Gift Collections which have no call numbers, please include the name of gift collection in the Call No. box.  (Example: “Prange Marlene Mayo Oral Histories,  Donald Richie”).
  • Microforms of Newspapers and Magazines (The microforms are available in the Maryland Room, the 1st floor of Hornbake Library North.)  See this page for the instructions.

Go to https://aeon.lib.umd.edu/logon/  and log in to your Aeon account. Click “Manual Request” under “Submit Request Via” on the left sidebar on your Aeon account page and fill in the bibliographic information.  Although only the fields with red asterisks are required, please fill in each request as completely as possible so that the Prange staff can best prepare your materials prior to your arrival.   If you have any questions about how to fill out the form, please feel free to contact us.

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