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Additional Prange Collection Books Available at the National Diet Library of Japan (2017)

On March 14, 2017, approximately 1,400 Prange Collection books in History, History of the Americas, and Literature (poetry, drama, movies and plays) were added to the National Diet Library of Japan’s Digital Collections.   As of today, approximately 7,300 General books, 8,000 Children’s books, 6,000 Magazine issues, and 15,700 Censored Newspaper Articles are available onsite in […]

Please send your comment for changing Japanese copyright law and allowing full access to NDL’s Digital Collections from overseas

The Agency of Cultural Affairs of Japan is now seeking public comments to a report related to copyright law.  Please consider filling the opinion form and support changing the law to allow non-Japanese institutions access to the NDL’s Digital Collections materials.   The deadline for public comments submission is March 29.   For the detailed instruction […]

The Victor E. Delnore Papers are online!

The Victor Delnore Papers have been digitized and can be found in Digital Collections @ the University of Maryland. One of the interesting items in the collection is a scrapbook documenting his time in Nagasaki that Delnore received as a farewell gift from the citizens of Nagasaki.  The scrapbook includes Delnore’s 1948 address at the […]

Albert W. Hilberg ABCC Photographs and Reports

Albert W. Hilberg, M.D. was a physician member of the Atomic Bomb Casualty Commission (ABCC). The Albert W. Hilberg ABCC Photographs and Reports consist of 48 photographs of Hiroshima before and after the atomic bombing and 41 reports of the ABCC. The Albert W. Hilberg ABCC Photographs are available through the University of Maryland Libraries […]

Censored Children’s Books

Children’s books were also censored by the Civil Censorship Detachment (CCD).   Although a majority of the censored children’s books are story books (yomimono), a handful of picture books (ehon) and comics (manga) were also censored. Unlike the Prange magazines and newspapers, there is little censorship documentation about the books.  One can only speculate why […]

National Comic Book Day!

September 25th is National Comic Book Day!  It’s a great opportunity for us to bring the 2,000 comic books in the Prange Collection to your attention.  They have all been digitized and are available in the Prange Digital Children’s Book Collection (please note that due to copyright restrictions, full-text access is limited to the University […]

The Prange Digital Children’s Book Collection

The Prange Collection contains nearly 8,000 children’s book titles — including picture books (ehon), comic books (manga), and story books (yomimono) — that were published in Japan between 1945 and 1949.  Most of the picture books and comic books are available in the UMD Libraries’ Digital Collections.  The story books and other resources for children have […]

Digitized Prange Collection Books Available at the National Diet Library of Japan

For nearly two decades, the UMD Libraries have partnered with the National Diet Library of Japan (NDL) to preserve and provide access to the materials in the Prange Collection. The digitization of the 71,000 Prange Collection books began in 2005. The children’s books were scanned first. The 8,000 children’s book titles are available on color microfilm at […]