A Talk by W. Evan Young: Health & Home in Occupation-Era Japan

Dr. W. Evan Young, a Professor at Dickinson College and recipient of a 20th Century Japan Research Award, will give a talk on “Health and Home in Occupation-Era Japan: Promoting Medical Knowledge in Popular Women’s Magazines” on Thursday, October 4, 2018, 12:30-1:30pm in 2120 Francis Scott Key Hall, University of Maryland. The event is free and open to the public. […]

Blog post series

Check out our blog post series! Constitution Series – The Constitution of Japan took effect on May 3, 1947. As a part of the celebration of the 70th anniversary of its enactment in spring 2017, we shared several items related to the Constitution. Oral Histories Series – We have been featuring interviews from the Marlene […]

An Interview with William Kenneth Bunce from the Marlene J. Mayo Oral Histories

This post is the eighth in a series featuring interviews from the Marlene J. Mayo Oral Histories.  Currently, 29 of the oral history transcripts are available online.  The remainder are available onsite in the Prange Collection.  For other featured oral histories, see this page.  Today, August 31, is William Kenneth Bunce‘s birthday! William Kenneth Bunce (August 31,1907 – July 23, […]

Interview with Emily Cole, Research Award Recipient 2018

Each year, the recipients of the 20th Century Japan Research Awards visit the University of Maryland to use the materials in the Gordon W. Prange Collection.  They often spend a week or more on campus.  They are interviewed at the end of their stay about their research experience. One of the two recipients of the award for […]

Exhibition Commemorating the 70-year History of the National Diet Library of Japan

The National Diet Library of Japan (NDL) is commemorating it’s 70-year history with an exhibition entitled, A Treasure Box of Books: the 70-year History of the National Diet Library and Its Collections.  Some materials from the Occupation period will be on display, including several books related to the Constitution of Japan and color photographs depicting […]

Mountain Day (August 11)

Today, August 11, is Mountain Day/山の日 in Japan. Like the Independence Day poster that we featured on July 4, this poster was created by the S.N.D. Agency and published by Nihon Kenkyusha/日本研究社 in July 1949.  It is an illustrated guide to “Summer on the Mountain.”  It shows the flora and fauna that exist at different […]

Nagasaki Niti Niti article on August 9, 1948

This article, “One Flower found in the Atomic City —  On the Third Anniversary of the Dropping of the Atomic Bomb” (アトム街に花一輪 – あす原爆3周年), was published in Nagasaki Niti Niti/長崎日日 newspaper on August 8, 1948. The photo of girls picking flowers was taken near ground zero. The article recalls a peaceful time when these girls […]