On this day in 1948… (May 26)

This post is a part of continuing series on the Censored Newspaper Articles (CNAs). On May 26, 1948, Kyodo Tsushin submitted an article to the Civil Censorship Detachment (CCD) about the discovery of one of the largest radium springs in Japan situated at the base of Mt. Sanbe in Shimane Prefecture. The article was “suppressed,” meaning […]

Newly Acquired Gift Collection: Addition to the Justin Williams Sr. Paper

Justin Williams Sr. was Chief of the Legislative Division (later known as the Parliamentary and Political Division) of GHQ/SCAP during the Occupation of Japan. The Justin Williams, Sr. Papers provide an unequalled view of parliamentary, political and constitutional change in Japan after World War II. In 2016, Justin Williams Jr., Justin Williams Sr.’s son, donated several additional […]

Featured Education book – Zenkoku koto gakko senmon gakko koka, ryokashu

In September 2015, we began digitizing the education books in the Prange Collection.  We’ll share interesting educational materials with you as the scanning project progresses.  A list of posts in this series can be found here.    “Zenkoku koto gakko senmon gakko koka, ryokashu” (Tokyo: Kinkyojuku, 1946) is a compilation of school songs (Call No. 430-0020). Some […]

A typo in colophon

Our student assistant spotted this tiny typo in a colophon of “Saga heiya ni okeru inasaku gijutsu no sanka meichu taisakushi” [佐賀平野に於ける稲作技術の三化螟蟲 對策史].  (Call No. 99-10)  It says “published on February 30, 1949.” Click the image to enlarge.

Maryland Day 2017

On Saturday, April 29, we welcomed over 300 visitors to the 4th floor of Hornbake Library North for East Asian arts and crafts as part of Maryland Day 2017, the University of Maryland’s annual open house. Chinese calligraphy is always popular with visitors of all ages.   At the Origami tables, we demonstrated how to make […]

Constitution: On this day in 1947.. (May 3) – 70th anniversary of the Constitution’s enactment

This is the last post in a series on the Japanese Constitution of 1947. Today is Constitution Memorial Day (憲法記念日 Kenpō Kinenbi) in Japan, and we are celebrating the 70th anniversary of the Constitution’s enactment!  Over the last several weeks, we have highlighted Constitution-related materials in the Prange Collection, including newspaper articles and editorials, books, […]

Constitution: Select newspaper editorials from 1948 and 1949

This is the sixth in a series on the Japanese Constitution of 1947.  See also the Constitution Series.  The Constitution took effect on May 3, 1947 and is still in effect today.  As we approach the 70th anniversary of its enactment, we’ll share with you materials from the Prange Collection related to the drafting of […]