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Featured Publication: “‘Manga shonen’ monogatari : henshusha Kato Kenichi den”

During the immediate post-World War II years, publishers of magazines in Japan faced many challenges.  Paper was rationed and difficult to obtain and so was obtaining the work of seasoned authors.  In spite of these obstacles, the number of magazines published, particularly those for children, skyrocketed.  Magazine publishing became a competitive market, and of highest priority […]

MANHUA + MANGA, an exhibition at the University of Maryland Art Gallery

On March 30, 2016, an exhibit entitled, Manhua + Manga, opened at the University of Maryland Art Gallery.  It explores the development of cartoons and comics in China and Japan before, during, and after the Second Sino-Japanese War (1937 – 1945).  It includes the following four books from the Prange Collection: Sazaesan dai yonkan / […]

Science Fiction author Komatsu Sakyo’s debut work found in the Prange Collection

We are pleased to announce that the debut work of one of Japan’s most well-known science fiction writers, Komatsu Sakyo, was located in the Prange Collection.  Komatsu wrote this comic book, The Secret of Dr. Skeleton (Kaijin Sukereton Hakase)[Prange Call No. 479-088], in 1948 when he was a high school student.  The book’s theme – […]

Featured Publication: Sugiura Shigeru’s Last of the Mohicans

Ryan Holmberg, 20th Century Japan Research Award Recipient (2011-2012), translated and wrote the introduction to Sugiura Shigeru’s Last of the Mohicans, published in 1974. In his Research Award report, Holmberg wrote, “‘Sugiura Shigeru and His Mohicans’ describes how this artist’s encounter with ‘ten-cent’ comics after the war overhauled his practice in manifold ways, focusing on […]