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Last resort – let’s insert illustrations!

As instructed by the Civil Censorship Detachment (CCD), no indication of or reference to censorship could appear in publications (see this post).   There could be no ellipses and no blank spaces where something was deleted, and no blackening out was permitted.  Ideally, publishers would insert revised (or entirely new) text to fill the same space, but […]

Censored Newspaper Articles in French, Russian, and Korean

The Prange Collection censored newspaper articles are divided into Local News and Foreign News (with post-censored articles and editorials from the District III office of the Civil Censorhip Detachment housed separately).  It is our understanding that this was the original organization of the articles by the Civil Censorship Detachment.  Foreign news was wired to Japan […]

“What is the most researched topic in the Prange Collection?”

A patron once asked a Prange Collection staff member, “What is the most popular research topic in the Prange Collection?”  That was not an easy question to answer.  Over the years, scholars have researched a wide range of topics, including jazz, baseball, the development of the bullet train, and the pharmaceutical industry.  The Prange Collection […]