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Furuhashi Hironoshin – the Flying Fish of Fujiyama

Furuhashi Hironoshin (1928-2009), known as “the Flying Fish of Fujiyama,” was a Japanese freestyle swimmer.  He set a world record at the 1949 U.S. National Championships of Aquatics held in Los Angeles.   His achievement was a sense of pride for a nation still recovering from the defeat in World War II and signified Japan’s […]

On this day in 1947… (August 13)

This post is part of a continuing series on the Censored Newspaper Articles (CNAs). On August 13, 1947, Yomiuri Shimbun submitted a serialized story, “Nozomi naki ni arazu/望みなきに非ず” by Ishikawa Tatsuzo/石川達三 (Prange Call No. 47-loc-0575), to the Civil Censorship Detachment (CCD). This portion was deleted on the Japanese galley proof:  「昔の強盗は生活苦でやつた。今の強盗は主義主張でやるらしい。」  On the CCD document, it […]

Nagasaki Niti Niti

Although we often found both actual newspaper galleries/manuscripts and documents written by Civil Censorship Detachment (CCD) in the Censored Newspaper Articles, there are a few cases where the documents are all it was left in the CNAs folders.  One such example is a Nagasaki Niti Niti (Nagasaki Nichi Nichi) article published in July 31, 1948 (Call […]

On this day in 1948… (August 6)

The article published on August 6, 1948, on Chugoku Shimbun was entitled, “Ring the bell for world peace: NO MORE HIROSHIMAS/世界に響け平和の鐘.” The article embraces the fact that August 6 is becoming more like a peace memorial day, rather than the day of remembering only agony and sadness of atomic bombs.  The article gives an credit […]

Censoring “MacArthur”

This post is a part of continuing series on the Censored Newspaper Articles (CNAs). During the Occupation, General Douglas MacArthur’s image was tightly controlled and his privacy protected.  This is evident throughout the Censored Newspaper Articles (CNAs), where images and references to MacArthur were heavily censored.  The following statement was deleted, in spite of the […]

On this day in 1948… (May 26)

This post is a part of continuing series on the Censored Newspaper Articles (CNAs). On May 26, 1948, Kyodo Tsushin submitted an article to the Civil Censorship Detachment (CCD) about the discovery of one of the largest radium springs in Japan situated at the base of Mt. Sanbe in Shimane Prefecture. The article was “suppressed,” meaning […]

Constitution: From Censored Newspaper Articles (CNAs)

This is the third  in a series on the Japanese Constitution of 1947.  See also the Constitution Series.  The Constitution took effect on May 3, 1947 and is still in effect today.  As we approach the 70th anniversary of its enactment, we’ll share with you materials from the Prange Collection related to the drafting of […]