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5 Facts You Should Know about Gordon W. Prange

Happy Birthday, Professor Prange! Did you know that Gordon Prange:  Was born in Pomeroy, Iowa on July 16, 1910?  Was General Douglas MacArthur’s Chief Historian during the Occupation of Japan and was primarily responsible for writing the history of the War in the Pacific?  Wrote, “Tora! Tora! Tora!” about the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor […]

Tribute to Gordon Prange

A tribute to Gordon W. Prange is now prominently displayed on a wall in the lobby of the 4th floor of Hornbake Library North, just outside of the Prange Collection.  The following quote appears at the top of the display: “…I owe the Japanese people so much for broadening my intellectual horizon, for enriching my […]

Select Materials from the Gordon W. Prange Papers are available online

Gordon W. Prange (July 16, 1910 – May 15, 1980) was a Professor of History at the University of Maryland from 1937 until shortly before his death in 1980.  He took a leave a absence to serve in the Allied Occupation of Japan, an experience that changed the course of his life.   His personal papers, […]