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Magazine Article Published by Prange Curator

Yukako Tatsumi, the Prange Collection Curator, and co-author John B. Hench, published the article, “Japanese Books Under the Occupation,” in the Summer 2015 issue of Fine Books and Collections.  The article can be read here.

This post is approved by Fine Books and Collections.

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Featured Publication: Selection of Tokyo Metropolitan Historical Resources [Tokyo Metropolitan Archives: March 2015]

ToshiShiryoShusei_fc001This book explores the reform and evolution of the Tokyo Metropolitan Government in postwar Japan by showcasing a wide array of documents and images issued from 1947 to 1950. It consists of the following three sections: (1) administration activities, (2) 1947 local election results, and (3) the inauguration of Special Wards of Tokyo, which were established under the 1947 Japanese Local Autonomy Law.

Numerous materials in the Prange Collection are used in Section I, which highlights a variety of governmental initiatives related to revenues and expenditures, schooling systems, social welfare, industrial infrastructures, public health, housing, public transportation and so on. Articles and images in the local leaflets and newsletters reveal the vivid landscape of everyday life during the formative years of the Tokyo Metropolis. This book is accessible at the Tokyo Metropolitan Archives.

This blog post is approved by the Tokyo Metropolitan Archives.

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Newly Acquired Secondary Sources on the Occupation

newaquisition2014We have recently acquired the following secondary sources on the Occupation period.  All were published in 2014. They are located in the Prange Collection Reference Stacks, and visitors to the Prange Collection may browse through them onsite during business hours (Monday – Friday, 9:00am-5:00pm). They are also available for check-out at McKeldin Library.

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“Tsuyuhara: Kashu”: a collection of tanka by Matsumura Eiichi

Tsuyuhara : kashu/露原:  歌集 (Prange Call No. PL-53404) is a collection of tanka by Matsumura Eiichi/松村英一 published in 1947 by Shin Kigensha.  This book is particularly interesting because as many as 34 tankas out of 777 were deleted by the Civil Censorship Detachment (CCD).

According to Shin kenkyuu shiryo gendai Nihon bungaku, vol. 5/新研究資料現代日本文学第5巻, Matsumura’s work was known for depicting daily life. (p.130)  The tankas in this book were written between 1940 and 1945 and are an important source for understanding his personal reactions to the war and the impact it had on him and on the lives of the Japanese people.


Afterword. (Click to enlarge)

In the afterword, Matsumura writes that he was only able to save one draft of his book, Hyoseki/標石; all others were destroyed during the war.  Tsuyuhara: Kashu was based on Hyoseki.

In addition to Tsuyuhara: kashu, there are 15 tanka collections with deletions by the CCD in the Prange Collection. The Prange literature collection is still being processed — this number is as of 7/9/2015.

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Microforms of Newspapers and Magazines have moved to Hornbake Library

Starting August 8, 2015, the microforms of Prange Newspapers and Magazines are available in the Maryland Room, the 1st floor of Hornbake Library North.  The microforms are no longer self-served.  The users are required to request the microforms minimum of three business days prior to their visit.  The visitors can request up to 15 items per visit.  Below are the instructions to how to request the microforms of Newspapers/Magazines through our material request system, Aeon.

If you have any questions, please contact prangebunko[at]umd.edu.

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An Op-ed by Kiyoshi Tanimoto

Kiyoshi Tanimoto/谷本清 (1909 – 1986), a Methodist minister, was known for his work with the Hiroshima Maidens and for being one of six Hiroshima survivors portrayed by John Hersey in his book, Hiroshima.

In June 1948, Tanimoto submitted an op-ed to Yomiuri Shimbun (Prange Call No. 48-frn-2563).  Yomiuri Shimbun printed the galley proof with the headline,”Don’t Repeat the Tragedy”/”悲劇を再現するな”, and submitted it to the Civil Censorship Detachment (CCD).  It was suppressed by the CCD on June 18, 1948.

The op-ed begins with, “No More Hiroshimas! This is the slogan of the movement, praying for the world peace with the August 8 the day when Hiroshima was destroyed by the atomic bombs, as the anniversary.”/ これは八月六日即ち原子爆弾羅災を記念して世界の平和を祈る運動の合言葉である…”  Tanimoto writes that the religious people of Hiroshima have resolved to “…observe the day of August 6th religiously most solemn anniversary”, and he makes a case for holding the World Religions Peace Conference in Hiroshima.

Below are CCD documents related to the op-ed.  To read the documents, first click on “View Full Size” at the bottom right of each image.  The Japanese galley proof is available onsite in the Prange Collection.

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Albert W. Hilberg ABCC Photographs and Reports

Albert W. Hilberg, M.D. was a physician member of the Atomic Bomb Casualty Commission (ABCC). The Albert W. Hilberg ABCC Photographs and Reports consist of 48 photographs of Hiroshima before and after the atomic bombing and 41 reports of the ABCC.

The Albert W. Hilberg ABCC Photographs are available through the University of Maryland Libraries Digital Collections.  The ABCC Reports are available onsite at the Prange Collection.  Please note that these photographs may not be unique to the Prange Collection and may likely be held in National Archives (NARA) and/or other libraries, such as theNational Library of Medicine.


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