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Kamishibai and doll play books in the Literature-General Section (PN)

The Prange Collection completed the scanning of 518 items in the Literature-General section (Call no. starts with PN-) last year.  Among them were six books related to Kamishibai and doll plays.  The targeted audience was teachers who were interested in utilizing Kamishibai and doll plays in their classrooms. One of the interesting items among them […]


In an earlier post on the John R. Harold Papers, we highlighted a unique item — a kamishibai that was used for instruction on labor practices.  Kamishibai, a portable wooden “theatre” through which graphic panels were slipped to tell a story, were traditionally used by storytellers on the street to entertain children.  There are 22 […]

The John R. Harold Papers

John R. Harold was a Labor Officer and later the Acting Chief of the Labor Relations Branch of the Labor Division of the Supreme Command Allied Powers (SCAP) during the Occupation of Japan.  He was actively involved in the enactment and implementation of the Labor Relations Adjustment Law and in labor education in Japan during […]