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Hanako Muraoka, Translator of “Anne of Green Gables”

One of the NHK’s current TV programs, “Hanako and Anne” (花子とアン) has been a big success since its start in March 2014.  This program is based on a biography of Hanako Muraoka (1893–1968), who is a celebrated translator of Anne of Green Gables, a bestselling 1908 novel written by a Canadian author, Lucy Maud Montgomery. Hanako […]

Science Fiction author Komatsu Sakyo’s debut work found in the Prange Collection

We are pleased to announce that the debut work of one of Japan’s most well-known science fiction writers, Komatsu Sakyo, was located in the Prange Collection.  Komatsu wrote this comic book, The Secret of Dr. Skeleton (Kaijin Sukereton Hakase)[Prange Call No. 479-088], in 1948 when he was a high school student.  The book’s theme – […]

Coloring books, Board games, and Cards

It’s hard to believe, but children’s coloring books (nurie), board games (sugoroku), cards games (karuta), and paper craft books (kosaku) were submitted to the Civil Censorship Detachment (CCD) during the Allied Occupation of Japan.  65 of these items are housed in the Prange Collection as part of the Children’s Book Collection.  They have been scanned […]

The Prange Digital Children’s Book Collection

The Prange Collection contains nearly 8,000 children’s book titles — including picture books (ehon), comic books (manga), and story books (yomimono) — that were published in Japan between 1945 and 1949.  Most of the picture books and comic books are available in the UMD Libraries’ Digital Collections.  The story books and other resources for children have […]