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Victor Delnore Papers

Lt. Colonel Victor E. Delnore commanded the Allied Occupation Forces in Nagasaki Prefecture from 1946-1949.  As head of the Nagasaki Military Government Team, Delnore supervised early efforts to rebuild the city of Nagasaki and to restore peace and stability throughout the prefecture.  In May 2012, Patricia Magee, daughter of Victor Delnore, donated her father’s papers […]

Ishiusu no uta

Sakae Tsuboi (壺井 栄, 5 August 1899 – 23 June 1967), award-winning novelist and poet, is perhaps best known for her novel, Twenty-Four Eyes (二十四の瞳 Nijū-shi no Hitomi, first published in1952).  In 1947, she published the short story, “Song of the Millstone” (石臼の歌 Ishiusu no uta) in the collection, Dowashu Jugoya no tsuki (童話集十五夜の月, Call Number […]