Newly Acquired Secondary Sources on the Occupation (2016)

We have recently acquired the following secondary sources on the Occupation period that were published in 2016.  Also see our acquisitions in 2014, 2015 (Part I), and 2015 (Part II).     Taketoshi Yamamoto/山本武利 & Reiko Tsuchiya/土屋礼子. Media shinseikatsu/メディア新生活. Tokyo/東京: Shinyosha/新曜社, 2016. Akira Kimura/木村朗 & Hiroko Takahashi/高橋博子. Kaku no sengoshi: Q ando A de manabu […]

Featured Publication: A Friend in Need: Esther B. Rhoads, Quakers, and Humanitarian Relief in Allied Occupied Japan, 1946–52 [U.S.-Japan Women’s Journal: Nov. 2016]

Professor Marlene J. Mayo, Associate Professor Emerita of the Department of History, University of Maryland, published an article in the U.S.-Japan Women’s Journal in November 2016.  The article title is “A Friend in Need: Esther B. Rhoads, Quakers, and Humanitarian Relief in Allied Occupied Japan, 1946–52.”  Esther B. Rhoads was assigned to be one of the representatives […]

Newly Acquired Secondary Sources on the Occupation (2015) – Part II

Below are secondary sources on the Occupation period that the Prange Collection has acquired this calendar year.  Also see Part I (2015) and last year’s post for the books published in 2014.     Ruriko Kumano/熊野留理子. Nihon kyōiku senryō/日本教育占領. (Kashiwa-shi: Reitaku Daigaku Shuppankai, 2015) Tōru Aketagawa/明田川融. Senryōki nenpyō : 1945-1952-nen : Okinawa, Kenpō, Nichi-Bei anpo/占領期年表 : […]

Featured Publication: Reference Service and Bibliography, No. 77 [Reader Services and Collections Development, National Diet Library of Japan: March 2016]

“Reference Service and Bibliography” is one of the NDL’s periodicals that highlights its reference services, the latest scholarly resources, and bibliographical information.  Issue No. 77 features NDL’s long-standing initiative to collect resources related to the Allied Occupation of Japan, which was launched in 1977. It contains the conference proceedings, “Outreach Initiatives of the Gordon W. […]

Featured Publication: “Publications for Children Under the Occupation of Japan and GHQ’s Censorship [Kyodo Bunkasha: June 2016]

Eiko, Tani. Senryōka no jidō shuppanbutsu to jīeichikyū no ken’etsu : gōdon daburyū purange bunko ni saguru/占領下の児童出版物とGHQの検閱 : ゴードンW.プランゲ文庫に探る. Kyōdō Bunkasha, 2016.  This book illuminates the ways in which GHQ/SCAP censored children’s publications issued during the Allied Occupation of Japan, including books, magazines, newspapers, kamishibai and more. This research reveals that, at a minimum, a […]

Featured Publication: “‘Manga shonen’ monogatari : henshusha Kato Kenichi den”

During the immediate post-World War II years, publishers of magazines in Japan faced many challenges.  Paper was rationed and difficult to obtain and so was obtaining the work of seasoned authors.  In spite of these obstacles, the number of magazines published, particularly those for children, skyrocketed.  Magazine publishing became a competitive market, and of highest priority […]

Prange Collection Featured in Two National Diet Library Monthly Bulletins

Three articles on the Prange Collection appear in two NDL Monthly Bulletins.  The January 2016 issue (No. 657) includes the following articles: “The Gordon W. Prange Collection, University of Maryland Libraries: A Goldmine of Publications in the Occupation Period of Japan”* — an overview of the Prange Collection and instructions on how to access Prange […]