An Exhibition at Fukuoka Communal Archives

Fukuoka Communal Archives will start an exhibition on public relations materials, “福岡の広報紙展~伝えたい!知ってほしい!行政の取組み~,” on July 19. Various public relations materials, such as newspapers, magazines and newsletters, will be in display.  Two materials housed in the Prange Collection will be used on the exhibition panels.  The exhibition will be available between July 19 through September 24.  For […]

An exhibition at Nerima Shakujikoen Furusato Museum

Nerima Shakujikoen Furusato Museum/練馬区立石神井公園ふるさと文化館 and Tokyo Metropolitan Archives are co-sponsoring an exhibition, “独立70周年-練馬区誕生への軌跡, ” narrating the 70 years history of Nerima ward.   It will be held at Nerima Shakujikoen Furusato Museum between June 24 through August 15, 2017.  Several newspapers from the Prange Collection will be used for the panels. (Click the image to […]

International Women’s Day Exhibit

Several items from the Prange Collection regarding the International Women’s Day (March 8) are in display in the Maryland Room, the first  floor of the Hornbake Library North.  “International Women’s Day in Japan during the 1940s as seen through materials in the Gordon W. Prange Collection” is available from February 1 through February 24, 2017.  The […]

MANHUA + MANGA, an exhibition at the University of Maryland Art Gallery

On March 30, 2016, an exhibit entitled, Manhua + Manga, opened at the University of Maryland Art Gallery.  It explores the development of cartoons and comics in China and Japan before, during, and after the Second Sino-Japanese War (1937 – 1945).  It includes the following four books from the Prange Collection: Sazaesan dai yonkan / […]

NDL’s new exhibit “1945: The things we read and wrote before and after the war ended”

On October 5, an exhibit opened at the The National Diet Library of Japan  entitled, “1945: The things we read and wrote before and after the war ended.”  According to the NDL website, the exhibit includes letters, diaries, books and journals published or written in 1945, before and after the end of World War II. […]

Exhibits in Nagasaki

The Nagasaki Library of Nagasaki Prefecture is currently holding two exhibits about atomic bomb-related literature. One exhibit, “Ishida Hisashi to Nagasaki” portrays the life of Hisashi Ishida (石田壽) whose daughter, Masako Ishida (石田雅子), is well-known as the author of Masako Taorezu (雅子斃れず), a memoir of her atomic bomb experience. The Prange Collection has the galley, […]

Voices of the Vanquished

In 2009, the Prange Collection staff designed an exhibit that was inspired by Embracing Defeat: Japan in the Wake of World War II by John Dower. Published in 1999, it remains the seminal work on the Occupation of Japan. The exhibit was entitled, Voices of the Vanquished: Censored Print Publications from Postwar Japan, 1945-1949 and […]