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Handwritten manuscripts

We are so accustomed to typing everything on a computer, that it’s hard to believe that just 70 years ago everything was handwritten. The handwritten manuscripts in the Prange Collection are fascinating for just that reason.  It must have been particularly time-consuming for authors who had to submit their manuscripts to the Civil Censorship Detachment (CCD) for pre-censorship review.  There were no copy machines for this purpose (which, again, for most of us is hard to believe), so they would have to hand-write a duplicate copy to submit. Below are some examples.

  • Ma-shireibu shirei Nihon saiken no katei/マ司令部指令と日本再建の過程 by Sato Morio/佐藤守男. Kurume-shi/久留米市: Seinen Jihosha/青年時報社) [Prange Call No. DS-9040v_1m]
  • Kakuseito no seikaku to sono jisseki/各政党の性格とその実績 by Sato Morio/佐藤守男.  Kurume-shi/久留米市: Seinen Jihosha/青年時報社) [Prange Call No. JQ-9018m]
  • Beikoku no rekishi to genjo/米國の歴史と現状 by Higuchi Yataro/樋口彌太郎. [日本青年教育者聯盟出版部], [1946]. [Prange Call No. E-9003v_1m]
  • Rodo hikkei/勞働必携 by Aoyama Naonori/青山尚憲 Miyazaki-shi/宮崎市: Rodo Jihosha/勞働時報社.  [Prange Call No. HD-9045m]

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