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Countdown to the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo! – Part II

In the second in our series, Countdown to the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo!, we’re showcasing materials about Mikio Oda/織田幹雄, the first Japanese to win an Olympic gold medal (triple jump event at the 1928 Olympic games in Amsterdam). See Part I here.

Below is a list of items related to Mikio Oda.


Orinpikku monogatari/オリンピック物語 (Tokyo/東京: Asahi Shimbunsha/朝日新聞社, 1948) (Prange Call No. GV-0108)

Orinpikku monogatari covers the history of Olympics with several photos of athletes, particularly those in track and field.  In the preface, Oda states that the Olympics represent half of his life.



Rikujo kyogi/陸上競技 (Tokyo/東京: Obunsha/旺文社, 1946) (Prange Call No. GV-0243)

Rikujo kyogi contains detailed rules for track and field programs, the history of track and field events in the Olympics, and Oda’s reflections on his life as an athlete leading up to the Amsterdam Olympics.  He concludes with this passage:




  • 「なかよし新聞:大選手のおもかげ:三段飛の織田幹雄氏」(Nakayoshi Newspaper: Famous Athletes: Mr. Mikio Oda of the triple jump) In あおば (Aoba), vol. 4, no. 3, March 1949. Published by 河北新報社 (Kahoku Shimposha) [Prange Call No. A255]
  • 「思い出のアルバム:織田幹雄さん」(A Memory Album: Mr. Mikio Oda) In 婦人倶楽部 (Fujin Kurabu), vol. 29, no. 7, July 1948, p. 7. Published by 大日本雄弁会講談社 (Dai Nippoin Yubenkai Kodansha) [Prange Call No. F69]
  • 「オリンピックの憶い出」 (Memories of the Olympics) In 国民の友 (Kokumin no tomo), vol. 1, no. 4 December 1947, pp. 54-55. Published by 社会思潮編集局 (Shakai Shicho Henshukyoku) [Prange Call No. K1600]

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