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Countdown to the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo! – Part I

It’s only six months until the 2020 Summer Olympics in Tokyo begin!  We’re looking forward to watching!  In the spirit of celebrating this historical event, we’ll be featuring Olympics-related items from our collection in the coming months. Stay turned!

The first in this series is an this article published in Yomiuri Sports in July 1948 (Prange Call No. Y290).  Entitled, “Omoide no Olympic/思い出のオリンピック [Olympics in Memory], this three-page article provides a snapshot of Japanese Olympians over the years.

The article includes an image of the Japanese team at the 1912 Olympics in Stockholm, the first Olympics in which Japan participated; a chart of the number of Japanese athletes who participated in each of the Olympics from 1912 through 1936; and a famous photograph of Hideko Maehata receiving a gold medal at the 1936 Olympics in Berlin.

One comment on “Countdown to the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo! – Part I

  1. […] to win an Olympic gold medal (triple jump event at the 1928 Olympic games in Amsterdam). See Part I […]

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