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Featured education book: “Shakai to seikatsu”

In September 2015, we began digitizing the education books in the Prange Collection.  We’ll share interesting educational materials with you as the scanning project progresses.  A list of posts in this series can be found here.   

Shakai to seikatsu (Tokyo: Gakudo Ryogi Sosho Kankokai, 1948) (Prange Call No. 437-0035)

Today we’re featuring “Shakai to seikatsu/社會と生活” [Society and Life] (Prange Call No. 437-0035).  Published in July 1948, Shakai to seikatsu covered a variety of topics that directly related to people’s lives, such as the Japanese cabinet system, GHQ’s organizational structure, traffic, and school lunches.

According to the editor, the authors wrote this book in order to “educate the younger generation of elementary and middle school students on how a society works. With that knowledge, they could move forward to create a healthy nation based on democratic principles.”

Two pages were devoted to Washington Heights, an “American town” that was constructed as dependents housing for GHQ’s military and civilian staff.  The images were originally published in the Sun Pictorial Daily/サン写真新聞. The original article is in our online exhibition.


Although there is no indication that censorship action was taken, “Info” was written on some of the pages by a Civil Censorship Detachment (CCD) censor.

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