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Raising a Child: Then and Now (Introduction)

[This is a guest post written by Risa Tanji, a Student Assistant in Special Collections & University Archives, who works primarily in the Prange Collection.]

In spite of the devastating situation they found themselves in after the Second World War, the Japanese people at the time were eager to deliver and raise healthy babies while the country was undergoing reconstruction. As I read several articles from the post-war period regarding childbearing and raising, I was intrigued by the information scholars back then insisted on and how different it is from our common knowledge today.

Using Yasumichi Yamamoto’s book, The Common Sense of Child Rearing/育児の常識‘(Prange Call No. 2019-0013), as my basis, I will compare and contrast the differences between the information presented in these articles and present-day common practices in a series of five blog posts.

Below is the overview of the blog series:

  1. Babies’ Growth and Health
  2. Breast Milk vs. Infant Formula
  3. Mothers’ Health
  4. Snacks and Weaning Foods
  5. Raising a “Good” Baby

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