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Recipients of the 20th Century Japan Research Awards for 2018-2019

Congratulations to the following recipients of the 20th Century Japan Research Awards for 2018-2019:

  • Alisa Freedman, Professor at the University of Oregon, for her topic, “Discursive Construction of the Japanese Female University Student During the Occupation Era.”
  • Timothy Smith, Ph.D. Candidate at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, for his topic, “Clean Minds, Messy Realities: Shifting Trends in Contemporary Tenrikyo.”

Dr. Alisa Freedman

Mr. Timothy Smith

The Award, first offered in 1999, is co-sponsored by the Nathan and Jeanette Miller Center for Historical Studies and the University of Maryland Libraries.

Each year these partners accept applications for grants to support research in the Gordon W. Prange and East Asia Collections on topics related to the period of the Allied Occupation of Japan and its aftermath, 1945-1960.

Holders of a Ph.D. or an equivalent degree are eligible to apply, as are graduate students who have completed all requirements for the doctorate except the dissertation.   The competition is open to scholars in all parts of the world and from any discipline, but historical topics are preferred.

See this page for more details about the Award.

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