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Featured Movie-related item: And the Oscar goes to… Hamlet (1948)!

It’s that time of year! Tonight, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences will hand out the Oscars!  This year, movies like Roma, Vice, and A Star Is Born have garnered multiple nominations.  At the 21st Academy Awards on March 24, 1949, Hamlet (1948) received seven nominations and won four Oscars, including the award for Best Picture and Best Actor (Laurence Olivier).  Olivier was also nominated for Best Director. The film won awards at the Golden Globes (USA), BAFTA (UK), Bambi Awards (Germany), Bodil Awards (Denmark), and a Golden Lion from the Venice Film Festival, as well.

The movie, based on the play by William Shakespeare, was released in the fall of 1948 in the United States and about a year later in Japan.  It was the first English-language talkie of Hamlet (in 1935, there was an Indian adaption in Urdu).  The publication Hamlet (ハムレット, Call No. PN-0221) in the Prange Collection contains the full script of the film in English and Japanese, as well as photographs from the production. See a sample below.

This book has been digitized.  In addition to being available in digital form at the University of Maryland, it is also available onsite at the National Diet Library of Japan (NDL) through NDL’s Digital Collection.  Check out our other movie-related blog posts!

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