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Featured labor-related item: “Rodo kyoyaku to dantai kosho”

In conjunction with the exhibition, “For Liberty, Justice, and Equality: Unions Making History in America,we will be featuring labor-related materials from the Prange Collection. The exhibit, which draws upon materials from the labor collections in Special Collections and University Archives at the University of Maryland, will be on display in the Maryland Room Gallery on the 1st Floor of Hornbake Library North through July 2018.

Rodo kyoyaku to dantai kosho/勞働協約と團體交涉 [Labor Agreement and Collective Bargaining] by Matsui Shichiro/松井七郎  (Prange Call No. HD-0721) was published in 1948.  It addressed the value of collective bargaining when drafting trade agreements.  The galley proof that was submitted to Civil Censorship Detachment (CCD) for review included a preface written by William H. McPherson, a former member the Labor Advisory Committee of GHQ/SCAP.  That preface was deleted by the CCD, as were all other references to collaboration with GHQ Labor Division personnel.  See the excerpts below from the published version and from the galley proof with censorship markings.

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