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Furuhashi Hironoshin – the Flying Fish of Fujiyama

Furuhashi Hironoshin (1928-2009), known as “the Flying Fish of Fujiyama,” was a Japanese freestyle swimmer.  He set a world record at the 1949 U.S. National Championships of Aquatics held in Los Angeles.   His achievement was a sense of pride for a nation still recovering from the defeat in World War II and signified Japan’s re-entry onto the global stage.   The event, and Furuhashi himself, were widely covered in the press and in books.  A few examples from the Prange Collection are below.  The images vividly depict how enthusiastically the Japanese people cheered Furuhashi on and honored his success.

News Agency Photographs

These are photographs of Furuhashi and his fellow swimmers before their trip to Los Angeles.

Children’s Books


  • 「世界記録をはぐくんだ母:水の王者・古橋広之進にきく「わが母の記」(- A mother who nurtured the world record: “About My Mother” by Furuhashi Hironoshin) – In 婦人の国 (Fujin no kuni), vol. 1, no. 8, Oct/Nov 1947, pp. 17-19.  Published by 婦人の国社 (Fujin no kuni sha) [Prange Call No. F-75]
  • 「古橋廣之進さんにきく:水泳のおはなし」(- Furuhashi Hironoshin tells about Swimming) – In 子供の時間 (Children’s Hour), vol. 2, no. 7, July 1948, pp. 14-15. [Prange Call No. K-1339]


  • 「ミソしるから生れた古橋らの大記録: 米スポーツ記者論評」 (- A miso soup made Furuhashi’s world record possible: a report by an U.S. sport writer) In 中国警察新聞 (Chugoku Keisatsu Shimbun), 9/15/1949 (Call No. NC0392)
  • 「双肩に水上日本: 海外遠征實現か: 古橋選手」(Furuhashi: Carrying Japan on his shoulder: Visiting abroad?) In 中国新聞 (Chugoku Shimbun), /8/1948 (Call No. NC0408)

Censored Newspaper Articles

There are several Censored Newspaper Articles (CNA) about Furuhashi, including ones that were submitted to the CCD in hand-written form by Mainichi and Yomiuri Denko News. There are also articles submitted by Asahi Shimbun and Kyodo Tsushin in 1947 reporting that a swimming association expressed interest in inviting Furuhashi to Hawaii.  These articles were first “held” by the CCD, but later seemed to have passed and to be published without changes.  (Asahi Shimbun, 9/17/1947, Call No. 47-loc-0825; Kyodo Tsushin, 9/18/1947, Call No. 47-loc-0834)

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