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Nagasaki Niti Niti

Although we often found both actual newspaper galleries/manuscripts and documents written by Civil Censorship Detachment (CCD) in the Censored Newspaper Articles, there are a few cases where the documents are all it was left in the CNAs folders.  One such example is a Nagasaki Niti Niti (Nagasaki Nichi Nichi) article published in July 31, 1948 (Call No. 48-dis-0332).

Call No.:48-dis-0332

This is a very brief document states that the article received “disapproved” action due to its “reference to censorship.” The document presents the translation of disapproved section: “The outline of Atomic Diseases by Prof. Takashi NAGAI will be published by the SHOWA-SYOBO Bookstore as a book of 250 pages as soon as it passes censorship.”

Then a Prange Collection staff  found this Nagasaki Niti Niti article which was printed for July 31, 1948 issue in the Prange’s newspaper collection.  The article, entitled “Dr. Nagai devotes all his time to his new book/著作に没頭の永井氏,” reports that a writer Ryuzaburo Shikiba visited Dr. Nagai’s house while he tirelessly works on his latest book. The article does include the sentence: “なお目下清書しつつある”原子病概論”は八月九日までに式場氏の下に送付され、検閲許可あり次第昭和書房から二百五十頁の單行本として公にされる豫定,” and it bears the red marking by the CCD.

Going back to the CNA document, it states that this article was “post-censored.”  Judging the fact that the printed sheet is available(see left for the first page of this issue), this article might have receive warning after the newspaper was already printed and distributed. The later print or different edition might have been changed.

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