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On this day in 1948… (August 6)

The article published on August 6, 1948, on Chugoku Shimbun was entitled, “Ring the bell for world peace: NO MORE HIROSHIMAS/世界に響け平和の鐘.” The article embraces the fact that August 6 is becoming more like a peace memorial day, rather than the day of remembering only agony and sadness of atomic bombs.  The article gives an credit to the people in Hiroshima for having both events for remembering the deceased as well as for celebrating peace.  The article says that it is only possible due to their “generosity.”  Below is an excerpt of opening sentence.


On the next day, the newspaper printed a large picture of peace ceremony on the first page.  The article is accompanied a strong statement saying “Peace surely starts from Hiroshima/平和きっと廣島から.”  The message from General Douglas MacArthur is also printed:




Another article on August 6 features a girl who was born on August 6, 1945.  According to the article, she is one of four babies and the only survivor who was born on that day. With her nickname of “Pikako-chan,” she is quite famous in town, and even a reporter from BCON (British Commonwealth Occupation News) recently came to interview her.

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