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Preservation: Paper clips

In the course of digitization, we often encounter materials with paper clips, pins, nails or other fasteners.  Before these materials are digitized, the fasteners are removed, so that the best possible scan can be captured with the least damage to the originals.

In the slide show below, a Prange staff member demonstrates how to remove a paper clip from a document.



This slideshow requires JavaScript.

We also encountered butterfly clips while processing a gift collection.  Have you ever used them?  They come in various sizes and are also called butterfly clamps. You can still buy them today. They would give your office a nice retro look!

When paper clips were not available, straight pins, or even nails, were used to hold papers together.  For more details, see Chapter 4, “From Pins to Paper Clips,” in Evolution of Useful Things by Henry Petroski (NY: Knopf, 1992).


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