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Featured Education book – Zenkoku koto gakko senmon gakko koka, ryokashu

In September 2015, we began digitizing the education books in the Prange Collection.  We’ll share interesting educational materials with you as the scanning project progresses.  A list of posts in this series can be found here.   

“Zenkoku koto gakko senmon gakko koka, ryokashu” (Tokyo: Kinkyojuku, 1946) is a compilation of school songs (Call No. 430-0020). Some of the school songs, especially those were written before or during World War II, used nationalistic or militaristic terms that were considered objectionable by the Civil Censorship Detachment (CCD).  For example, “worship the Emperor as God” or “embracing the furious fighting mind” were marked for review by CCD examiners.  Although there are many markings in this particular book, it is unclear if the book was completely suppressed, withdrawn, or portions deleted, because the front cover is missing, which is where the examiners wrote censorship instructions for the publishers.

The third verse of the Matsue High School school song bears a X mark written by the CCD examiner.  See the excerpt below:

大和島根の宮柱 建業古きいしづゑを 流れて淸し簸の川も 糜爛の榮華怒るごと 夕波さわぎ風荒れて 我凋落の影ふかし

Similarly, the sixth verse of Hokkaido Teikoku University Yoka Ryoka also has an X mark:

潮に暮るゝ西の空 月も凍らむシベリヤの 吾が皇軍を思ひては 猛けき心の躍らずや

The school songs of several well-known schools are included in this book, such as Meiji University, Doshisha University, and Kansai University.  It seems as though the second verse of Waseda University’s school song received an X mark that was then changed to a check-mark.  See below.

This book is available in digital form onsite in the Prange Collection.  Please contact us if you are interested in using this book.

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