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Prange Collection Magazines are now searchable in Zassaku Plus

Starting in April 2017, all of the Prange Collection magazines are searchable in Zassaku Plus, the complete database for Japanese magazines and periodicals from the Meiji era to the present. In addition to keyword searching, you can also search by article title, author, magazine title, and publication year.

On the search results page, you will see a bar graph indicating how many articles were found for each year (Image 1).  By clicking the bar, you can limit your results to that particular year (Image 2).  The Prange magazines were originally searchable in the 20th Century Media Information Database, which is indicated by this icon ⑳ that appears before Prange magazine article titles (Image 3).  Clicking on the article title will bring up the bibliographic information for that article (Image 4).  If you have any questions about using Zassaku Plus, please contact us.


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