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On this day in 1948.. (March 17)

This post is a part of continuing series on the Censored Newspaper Articles (CNAs).

On March 17, 1948, Yomiuri Shimbun submitted an article to the Civil Censorship Detachment (CCD) regarding a recent trend in learning foreign languages.  This article was held first, but then passed the censorship.  (Prange Call No. 48-loc-0472)

Although many people are still interested in English , it is no longer the only foreign language people want to learn; rather, many are now intrigued in mastering Spanish.  The article reports that the departments of Spanish and Filipino in several foreign language schools are “perplexed at the floods of applications.”  Meanwhile, there is a significant decrease in the numbers of applications in the Mongolian, Italian and Russian departments.  For instance, the Tokyo Foreign Language School (東京外事専門学校) received 1,200 applications in the English Department (capacity: 60 students), and 274 applications in the Spanish Department (capacity: 30 students).  The article predicts that this high interest in Spanish is due to the anticipations in the wider trade opportunities in the South America after the Peace Conference.

The Japanese galley proof is available onsite in the Prange Collection and onsite at the National Diet Library of Japan (NDL) through NDL’s Digital Collection.


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