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Constitution: Children’s Books and Magazines

This is the second in a series on the Japanese Constitution of 1947.  See also the Constitution Series

The Constitution took effect on May 3, 1947 and is still in effect today.  As we approach the 70th anniversary of its enactment, we’ll share with you materials from the Prange Collection related to the drafting of the Constitution, its enactment, reactions of the Japanese, and observances of Constitution Day.

Democratizing Japan involved educating the populace, especially the children, who would be responsible for the future of Japan.  The new Constitution of 1947 (also referred to as the Peace Constitution) embodied democratic principles.  Included in the Prange Collection are primers and magazine articles for children explaining the meaning of the Constitution.  Some of the materials target older children and go into detail about the origin, significance, and new systems related to the Constitution; others are picture books for young children.  Below are some examples.



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