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In addition to the books, magazines, and newspapers in the Prange Collection, there are many items that were meant to have short-lived use and value.  These ephemera include leaflets, fliers, and meeting minutes that were circulated at schools, factories, hospitals, and stores.  Submitted to the Civil Censorship Detachment (CDD) for review, they became part of an enduring record in the Prange Collection.

The 147 ephemera have been digitized.  The digital images may be viewed onsite in the Prange Collection or onsite at the National Diet Library of Japan (NDL), as part of their Digital Collections.  To search for the ephemera in NDL’s Digital Collection, limit your search by typing “AC-” in the search box.

Here are some examples:

  • “Shirotabi no makichirasu ryukobyo “kubikiri” o bokumetsu shiro!” by Harima Kyodenbu [Prange Call No. AC-0924]
  • “Hiroku shitsuke ni tsuite”by Osaka Furitsu Koto Gakko Seikatsu Shidogakari  [Prange Call No. AC-0927]
  • “Akarui hatarakiyoi daidokoro” by Norinsho Nogyo Kairyokyoku  [Prange Call No. AC-0931]
  • “Gekkan kodomo manga kurabu” by Yuraku Shuppansha [Prange Call No. AC-0947]
  • “‘Kodomo no hi’ bohan no kotoba” by Moji-shi Bohan Kyokai Rengokai  [Prange Call No. AC-1003]
  • “Dai 6-kai bunkasai” by Daiichi Seimei Hoken Sogo Kaisha  [Prange Call No. AC-1036]



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