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“Shiroto Engeki” from the Literature-General Section (PN)

Last year, the Prange Collection completed the scanning of 518 items in the Literature-General section (Call numbers in this section start with PN).  One interesting item from that section is “Shiroto Engeki” (=Amateur Play) by Oyama Isao (Tokyo: Maya Shobo, 1947). (Prange Call No. PN-0287)  It consists of two chapters: Chapter 1, “Theory of the amateur play,” and Chapter 2, “Reality of the amateur play.”  It addresses trends in the amateur play world, including its critics, history, effective practices, and stage facilities.

Chapter 1, Section 9, “Amateur Play and New Play,” quoted an order from General Headquarters (GHQ) requiring all scenarios to be submitted to the Civil Censorship Detachment (CCD).  Any mention of censorship was prohibited, so this section was deleted.  Also, Chapter 2, Section 2, “Order of practice,” briefly mentioned censorship; that section as also deleted.  See the images below to compare pages from the galley proofs and the published versions.

The digital images of these books are currently only available onsite in the Prange Collection.  Though a majority of these books are uncatalogued, a basic inventory is also available onsite in the Prange Collection.

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