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120th Anniversary of Miyazawa Kenji’s Birth

Today, August 27, 2016, marks the 120th anniversary of Miyazawa Kenji’s birth.

There are 23 children’s books and 9 general books by and about Miyazawa Kenji in the Prange Collection.   Five of them were censored by the Civil Censorship Detachment (CCD).  The following actions were taken:

  • A portion of the essay “Ari to kinoko,” which appeared in the galley proof of “Miyazawa Kenji” (Iwate: Toryo Shoin, 1946) (Prange Call No. 534-032g) was deleted by the CCD due to its “Militaristic Expression.”  In the published version (Prange Call No. 534-032), it was replaced with the essay, “Donguri to yamaneko.”
  • “Ari to kinoko” was also deleted from “Yamanashi: Taiyo to kusa no hon” (Tokyo: Nihon Shoin, 1946) (Prange Call No. 447-049), and replaced with the essay, “Kurobudo.”
  • In”Chumon no oi ryoriten” (Tokyo, Toryo Shoin, 1947), an essay, “Tori no hokuto shichisei”, was deleted. (Prange Call No. 531-017)

Below are some examples of Miyazawa’s work housed in the Prange Collection.

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