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Kamishibai and doll play books in the Literature-General Section (PN)

The Prange Collection completed the scanning of 518 items in the Literature-General section (Call no. starts with PN-) last year.  Among them were six books related to Kamishibai and doll plays.  The targeted audience was teachers who were interested in utilizing Kamishibai and doll plays in their classrooms.

One of the interesting items among them was “Kamishibai no yarikata tsukurikata : tsuketari yasashikute omoshiroi yubiningyogeki no shikata” by Saki Akio (Tokyo: Jinmin Shinbunsha Shuppanbu, 1947) (Prange Call No. PN-0140).  “Illustration: Chihiro Iwasaki” appeared on the Table of Contents page.  On page 7, the book stated that all screenplays were subjected to censorship by the Civil Censorship Detachment (CCD).  This was a violation of the Press Code (no mention of  censorship was permitted), though no censorship action was taken.  Below is an excerpt.

「….作品はすべて聯合軍司令部の檢閲がいる。賣つているものは、すべて檢閲を經ている。自作のものでも、おおやけに使うにはやはり檢閲がいる。東京、大阪、福岡の民間檢閲部に、畫と脚本(三通)と英文梗概を提出する。協會は手續き上の便宜をはかる。古い作品は未檢閲のが多いから、注意を要する。日本政府の檢閲は一切ない。」(p. 7)

Below are some examples.  The digital images of these books are currently only available onsite in the Prange Collection.  Though a majority of these books are uncatalogued, a basic inventory is also available onsite in the Prange Collection.

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