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Featured magazines – published in Shikoku

This post is Part VI in a continuing series on a portion of the Prange Collection magazines that are now available in digital form onsite at the National Diet Library of Japan (NDL). (See the series in Featured Magazines.) 

In this post, we are featuring magazines published in Ehime-ken, Tokushima-ken, Kagawa-ken and Kochi-ken (Shikoku island).


“Ehime Kyoiku/愛媛教育” was published by Ehime-ken Kyoin Kumiai (Ehime Prefecture Teacher’s Union) in 1949.  The article “Teacher’s Union and Politics” (Vol. 1)  was about a discussion between the Teacher’s Union members and reporters from three newspapers – Ehime Shimbun, Nankai Times, and Shin Ehime Shimbun.  The mention of pornographic magazines was marked by the Civil Censorship Detachment (CCD) examiner.  Other articles included “Using An Intelligence Test for Education” (Vol. 1) and “About Co-Education” (Vol. 2).

“Ehime Sports/エヒメ・スポーツ” was published in Matsuyama-shi, Ehime-ken.  The Prange Collection only holds the first issue of this publication.  Profiles of baseball players from Ehime-ken and scores from high school baseball games were featured in the inaugural issue. According to a note at the end of this issue, the Olympics were to be featured in the second issue.


  • 舵輪. 俳句研究 [1巻1号(1948年11月)-12号(1949年10月)] (Call No. D120)
  • 知性 [19号(1949年7月)-20号(1949年8・9月)] (Call No. C123)

“Darin/舵輪”, published in Takaoka-gun, Kochi-ken, was a haiku magazine that consisted primarily of poems submitted by its subscribers. A CCD document included with the first issue stated, “….Of particular note is the fact that this haiku magazine includes the names of female contributors.  Half of its editorial staff also consists of woman writers…” According to the epilogue to the first issue, the editors had previously published a magazine called “Choso/潮騒.”

“Chisei/知性”, published by Akebonokai/曙会 in Naka-gun, Tokushima-ken, was a literary magazine that included poetry/haiku, “baton” novels (one person wrote the first chapter and passed the baton to another person who wrote chapter two, and so on, until, as whole, the work constituted a novel written by multiple authors) and literature-related articles.  Akebonokai’s mission was to “…enlighten the youth, as well as to contribute to a new Japanese society that has been reformed by freedom of speech.”


“Chokan/鳥瞰” was a haiku magazine that included haiku written by its subscribers, but also included critiques written by its editors, and other haiku-related articles.  It was published in Kagawa-ken.


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