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130th Anniversary of Tanizaki Junichiro’s Birth

Today, July 24, 2016, marks the 130th anniversary of Tanizaki Junichiro’s birth.  Below are some example of Tanizaki’s work housed in the Prange Collection.


The short story, “Mrs. A’s Letters,” was to appear in the August 1, 1946 issue of Chuo Koron (No. 8), but it was entirely  suppressed by the Civil Censorship Detachment (CCD).



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There are 28 Tanizaki-related books in the Prange Collection.  Below are some examples.

  • “Tomoda to Matsunaga no hanashi” (Kyoto-shi: Usui Shobo, 1949) Prange Call No. PL-56436
  • “Chiisana okoku” (Tokyo: Bungei Shunju Shinsha, 1948)Prange Call No. PL-56421
  • “Chijin no ai” (Tokyo: Seikatsusha , 1948) Prange Call No. PL-56419


BLOG_Tanizaki_photo_2016Two photographs of Tanizaki are included in the News Agency Photographs.

  • Kyodo Tsushin 1948/10/29 第K5177号 谷崎潤一郎 Prange Call No. K1150 (left in the picture)
  • Sun 1948/12/1 No.325 谷崎潤一郎 作家 Prange Call No. S1283

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