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Featured Education book – “Soritsu sanjushunen kinen dosokai meibo”

In September 2015, we began scanning the Prange Collection education books.  We’ll share with you interesting educational materials as the scanning project progresses.  

Publishers were informed by the Civil Censorship Detachment (CCD) that no indication of censorship could appear in their publications. There could be no blackened-out print, no blank spaces, no pasted-over areas, no incomplete sentences, and, in general, no indication that anything had been changed or deleted.  The public was not to know that censorship was taking place.  Which is why, when the newsletter, “Soritsu sanjushunen kinen dosokai meibo/創立三十周年記念同窓會名簿” (Call No. 401-0075), was submitted to the CCD in June 1948 with blackened-out portions, the censor indicated that there were “11 Ref.[erences] to Censorship”.  Apparently, the censor thought that the publisher intended to publish the newsletter with the blackened-out portions (it seems that the content itself was not objectionable — member addresses and occupations).  Ultimately, the newsletter passed (see the “Pass” stamp on the cover).  Perhaps the publisher explained to the CCD that the published version of the newsletter would be free of any editing and/or censorship markings.


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