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Censored Kamishibai found in Beppu, Oita Prefecture

On March 15, an article entitled, 「紙芝居にGHQの検閲 観光地のバス巡りなど5冊」, appeared in Asahi Shimbun (digital version) about the discovery of five censored kamishibai at the Beppu Municipal Library.

Oita Prange no kai/大分プランゲの会 and staff of the Library discovered the kamishibai with Civil Censorship Detachment (CCD) stamps and the names of censors written on them.  They were most likely produced in 1948.  The images below are from one of the kamishibai, “Sekai Beppu.”

The use of these images has been approved by the Beppu Municipal Library and Dr. Yasuyo Shiratsuchi.

Please also refer to the related post: “Newspapers under the Occupation: Postwar Japan through the lens of the City of Beppu.”  (by Yasuyo Shiratsuchi. Gen Shobo, 2015)


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