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Featured magazines – published in Kumamoto Prefecture

This post is Part V in a continuing series on a portion of the Prange Collection magazines that are now available in digital form onsite at the National Diet Library of Japan (NDL). (Also see Part I: Kyoto-fu, Part II: Hokkaido, Part III: Kagoshima-ken, and Part IV: Shizuoka-ken) 

In this post, we are featuring magazines published in Kumamoto-ken.


地球船詩社/Chikyusenshisha  published “Chikyusen. junsuishi/地球船. 純粋詩” in 1947 in Kumamoto-ken Yatsushiro-shi/八代市.  The magazine contains poems submitted by its readers, as well as several academic articles, such as “Modern Poetry/現代詩について” (Vol. 1, No. 1) and “How to Eliminate Bad Lyric Poems/惡抒情詩撲滅論” (Vol. 1, No. 2).

In the inaugural issue, the editor writes of his dream to make it a global magazine by the 10th issue.

“Doho/同胞” was also published in Yatsushiro-shi by Kumamoto kenritsu Yatsushiro Koto Gakko Koyukai/熊本県立八代高等学校校友会 in 1949.  According to the Civil Censorship Detachment (CCD) documents, the magazine commemorates the school’s first anniversary.  The first issue primarily contains poems and essays from the students, including an essay entitled, “Tenno o omukaeshite/天皇をお迎えして,” describing the Emperor’s visit in Kyushu.


Kumamoto Kogyo Koto Gakko Nibu Eiga Kenkyubu/熊本工業高等学校二部映画研究部 published “Eigazin/映画人.”  Just 12 pages long, this publication it contains many pictures accompanying reviews of both Japanese and non-Japanese movies.  The example article titles are “Meaning of movies/映画の意義” or “Attitude to watch movies/映画鑑賞の態度.”

“Chugaku Kurabu/中学倶楽部” was published by Chugaku Kokugo Kyoiku Kenkyukai/中学国語教育研究会, a group of Japanese teachers.  Its targeted audience is junior high school students, and contains crossword puzzles, reports of students gatherings or an essay on featured schools.


  • 団報 [1巻1号(1948年6月)] (Call No. D83)

Amakusa-gun Rengo Seinendan Bunkabu/天草郡連合青年団文化部 published “Danpo/団報.”  There is no apparent indication of Suppress or Delete actions in the front cover of magazine, but the CCD document shows a check-mark on “Possible Information” section.

magazinesD83,ccdIn two articles titled “Miscellaneous notes of the view of life/人生観・雑記” and “Awake the Women in Rural District/目覚めよ農村女性” have markings saying “I.S. Repatriation.”  First article is an essay about the life in Siberia, and the latter is a report on attending a ceremony commemorating woman suffrage in the Soviet Union.


One comment on “Featured magazines – published in Kumamoto Prefecture

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