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Newly Acquired Gift Collection: The Emerson Chapin Photographs and Slides

Chapin_pictureEmerson Chapin (1920 – 2003) was a longtime New York Times editor and foreign correspondent.  He served in Japan during the Occupation in both military and civilian roles. In late September 1945, his division, the 98th Infantry, was sent to Japan as part of the Occupation forces.  He was stationed in Osaka and worked on a paper produced for the division.  Discharged in 1946, he returned that same year to Japan to work in the Civil Information and Education Section (CI&E) of GHQ/SCAP doing press analysis of magazines.  When CI&E was disbanded, Chapin did similar work for the Allied Translator and Interpreter Service (ATIS).  He left Japan on July 10, 1950.

The Chapin Photographs and Slides were donated to the UMD Libraries by David Chapin, Emerson Chapin’s son, on October 7, 2015.  The collection consists of 404 slides and 236 photographs, the majority of which document Chapin’s time in Japan during the Occupation.  The materials are unprocessed.  Please contact prangebunko[at]umd.edu for more information.


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