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Prange Collection Featured in Two National Diet Library Monthly Bulletins

Three articles on the Prange Collection appear in two NDL Monthly Bulletins

The January 2016 issue (No. 657) includes the following articles:

  • “The Gordon W. Prange Collection, University of Maryland Libraries: A Goldmine of Publications in the Occupation Period of Japan”* — an overview of the Prange Collection and instructions on how to access Prange materials at the NDL. (pp. 6-9)
  • “On-the-Spot Report from NDL Expatriate Staff in Washington DC”* — highlights from the Prange Collection materials and activities sponsored by the University Libraries. (pp. 10-13)

The February 2016 issue (No. 658) includes an article written by the Prange Collection Curator, Yukako Tatsumi:

  • “Newspapers and Magazines published by Chinese who lived in Japan during the Occupation”* — an exploration of press published by Chinese residents in Japan during the first four years of the Occupation period. (pp. 12-17)

*The titles of the articles in English used here conform to the translations used in the NDL Newsletter, a bi-monthly English-language publication.


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