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NDL’s new exhibit “1945: The things we read and wrote before and after the war ended”

On October 5, an exhibit opened at the The National Diet Library of Japan  entitled, “1945: The things we read and wrote before and after the war ended.”  According to the NDL website, the exhibit includes letters, diaries, books and journals published or written in 1945, before and after the end of World War II. It is on display in the Tokyo Main Library through November 2 and will be on display at the Kansai-kan, a branch of NDL, November 13 through 28.

The Prange Collection holds some of the magazines that are on display, including “Shinsei/新生=VITA NOVA” (see images below).   Many passages are underlined by the censor in the article, “Kido Naifu no sekinin: Kaisen no zengo/木戸内府の責任: 開戦の前後” by Iwabuchi Tatsuo/岩淵辰雄, which appears in the first issue, but no censorship action is indicated.  On the other hand, the article “Musan seito no saishuppatsu/無産政党の再出発” by Kagawa Toyohiko/賀川豊彦 bears no censorship markings, but an accompanying Civil Censorship Detachment (CCD) document indicates that a portion of the article was deleted.


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