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On this day in 1947… (October 20)

This post is part of a continuing series on the Censored Newspaper Articles (CNAs).

On October 20, 1947, Tokyo Shimbun submitted an article about the launch of “Sakura,” an English-language magazine about Japan and its customs, that was fashioned after LIFE magazine. The Civil Censorship Detachment (CCD) permitted Tokyo Shimbun to publish the article, with the deletion of the following passage (as translated by the censor), “20000 parts monthly to PX and also to the United States from the 1st edition as merchandise will be sent.”   In the Japanese galley proof of the article, the deleted section reads, “誕生早々バイヤー、[や]GI間に大もてでPXに毎月二万部、米本國にも貿易品として第一号から渡ることになった.” (Prange Call No. 47-loc-1276)  The Japanese galley proof (in digital form), as well as of the entire October 1947 issue of Sakura (Prange Call No. Za39 – on microfiche), may be viewed in the Maryland Room in Hornbake Library at the University of Maryland.

See the images below of the CCD document and the cover of Sakura (click to enlarge).


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