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Shochiku Otani Toshokan to digitize 330 censored Kabuki scripts

As reported in Yomiuri Online (September 28, 2015), Shochiku Otani Toshokan is preparing to digitize approximately 330 censored Kabuki scripts and will provide online access to the scripts beginning in March 2017.

For more information about censorship of Kabuki during the Allied Occupation of Japan, see The Man Who Saved Kabuki: Faubion Bowers and Theatre Censorship in Occupied JapanAs far as we know (some of our materials are still unprocessed), there are no Kabuki scripts in the Prange Collection.  However, we do have a lengthy interview with Faubion Bowers (1 hour, 51 minutes, conducted by Marlene Mayo on July 22, 1982), which is part of the Marlene J. Mayo Oral Histories. Currently, the interview is only available onsite in audio; we are in the process of transcribing it.  For more information about the interview, contact prangebunko@umd.edu. 

Columbia University’s Oral History Center also has an interview with Faubion Bowers conducted in 1960.


One comment on “Shochiku Otani Toshokan to digitize 330 censored Kabuki scripts

  1. […] couple of weeks ago,  we posted the great news that 330 censored Kabuki scripts will be digitized by the Shochiku Otani Toshokan.  Though we have […]

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