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An Op-ed by Kiyoshi Tanimoto

Kiyoshi Tanimoto/谷本清 (1909 – 1986), a Methodist minister, was known for his work with the Hiroshima Maidens and for being one of six Hiroshima survivors portrayed by John Hersey in his book, Hiroshima.

In June 1948, Tanimoto submitted an op-ed to Yomiuri Shimbun (Prange Call No. 48-frn-2563).  Yomiuri Shimbun printed the galley proof with the headline,”Don’t Repeat the Tragedy”/”悲劇を再現するな”, and submitted it to the Civil Censorship Detachment (CCD).  It was suppressed by the CCD on June 18, 1948.

The op-ed begins with, “No More Hiroshimas! This is the slogan of the movement, praying for the world peace with the August 8 the day when Hiroshima was destroyed by the atomic bombs, as the anniversary.”/ これは八月六日即ち原子爆弾羅災を記念して世界の平和を祈る運動の合言葉である…”  Tanimoto writes that the religious people of Hiroshima have resolved to “…observe the day of August 6th religiously most solemn anniversary”, and he makes a case for holding the World Religions Peace Conference in Hiroshima.

Below are CCD documents related to the op-ed.  To read the documents, first click on “View Full Size” at the bottom right of each image.  The Japanese galley proof is available onsite in the Prange Collection.


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