Featured magazines – published in Kagoshima Prefecture

This post is Part III in a continuing series on Prange Collection magazines that are now available in digital form onsite at the National Diet Library of Japan (NDL). (Also see Part I: Kyoto-fu, and Part II: Hokkaido.) 

In this post, we are featuring magazines published in Kagoshima-ken.


“Dowa/どうわ,” published by Kagoshima dowakai/鹿児島童話会, offered a place for local writers of children’s stories to publish their latest works.  “Chosei Gurahu/町勢グラフ” was published by Izaku-cho yakuba tokeigakari/伊作町役場統計係.  This magazine provided detailed statistics about Izaku-cho, such as the number of foreigners living in the town.


  • 同志 [1巻2号(1946年7月)] (Call No. D296)

“Doshi/同志” was also published in Izaku -cho/伊作町 by Izaku-cho Kakushin Doshikai/伊作町革新同志會.  The magazine contained articles on a wide variety of topics, including those related to town business and announcements from town officials, as well as tanka and haiku.

BLOG_magazinesD296cdSeveral sections of the article, “Tennosei gojiron/天皇制護持論” (“Tenno System Maintenance Theory”) Part II, written by Koi Yamanouchi/山之内公威, were marked as violating the Code for the Japanese Press and, therefore, were “Disapproved”.  The image on the left is one of the CCD documents that accompanied the magazine.  Click to enlarge.


  • 怒涛. 詩と論 [1巻1号(1948年4月)] (Call No. D318)
  • 映画研究 [1号(1948年8月)] (Call No. E40)

“Doto/怒涛,” published in 揖宿郡頴娃村/Ibusuki-gun Ei-mura, contained a number of poems written by local poets.

“Eiga kenkyu/映画研究” was published by Kagoshima Gakusei Eiga Renmei/鹿兒島學生映畫連盟 in August 1948.

BLOG_magazinesE40cdAccompanying the inaugural issue was a letter from this student-organized group stating their excitement about publishing this magazine.  In a second letter, which is undated, the group regretfully explains that they will be unable to publish the second issue due to lack of funding.  Click the image on the left to read the two letters.


3 comments on “Featured magazines – published in Kagoshima Prefecture

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