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The Center for East Asian Studies (CEAS)

The Prange Collection partners with the Center for East Asian Studies (CEAS) to promote East Asian Studies on the University of Maryland campus and beyond.  You may have noticed that CEAS events have been featured on this blog. We thought it was appropriate, therefore, to tell you a little more about CEAS and the mutually beneficial relationship it has with the Prange Collection.

CEAS consists of faculty, staff, and scholars who specialize in the study of East Asia (China, Japan and Korea) at the University of Maryland.  According to its website, CEAS “aims to promote the study and appreciation of East Asian cultures by offering a wide range of scholarly, artistic, and community programs inspired by these cultures, and to expand the university’s East Asian curriculum, library resources, and teaching materials.”


The Director of CEAS, Professor Seung-Kyung Kim, hosted a graduation celebration in the Prange Collection lobby for students who completed the Certificate Program.


Professor Michael Cronin (College of William and Mary) gave a lecture entitled, “Restaging Japanese History in Popular Culture”, as part of the Japan Speaker Series in Spring 2014.

CEAS offers the Undergraduate Certificate to students who complete 24 credits in the study of East Asian history, language, and elective courses.  Several faculty members who teach these courses include a class visit to the Prange Collection as a part of their course curriculum.  See this post for Professor Michele Mason’s class visit in 2013 (Readings in Japanese Cultural Studies, JAPN 402).


CEAS also co-sponsors the Japan Speaker Series with the Japanese Program of the School of Languages, Literatures and Cultures.  Each semester, a scholar is invited to speak on topics related to Japan, including Japanese film, literature, and history.

Through CEAS, the staff of the Prange Collection becomes aware of faculty research topics and resource needs. And through CEAS, the Prange staff gets out the word about the latest library developments, including new acquisitions.  We look forward to continuing our valuable collaboration with CEAS!


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