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Featured Publication: Empire of dogs : canines, Japan, and the making of the modern imperial world

SkabelundEmpire of dogs: canines, Japan, and the making of the modern imperial world. (Skabelund, Aaron Herald. 2011. Ithaca: Cornell University Press.)

[Japanese translation: Inu no teikoku: Bakumatsu Nippon kara gendai made/ 犬の帝国 : 幕末ニッポンから現代まで (2009, Tokyo: Iwanami Shoten.)]

Professor Aaron Skabelund (Brigham Young University) was a 20th Century Japan Research Award recipient in 2002-2003.

This book examines the roles of dogs in Japanese society from the Meiji era to the Heisei era.  Skabelund argues that dogs have not been mere pets for many Japanese. They have been a symbol of wealth, have signaled social status, and have been used for military purposes.  Skabelund discusses postwar Japanese society and its relationship with dogs at the beginning of Chapter 5.

Dogs were a popular theme in the Prange children’s books.  A search with the keyword, “dog” in the Prange Digital Children’s Books Collection results in 22 hits.  And a search of the Prange magazines in the 20th Century Media Information Database results in 6 hits, including “Dog World/ドッグワールド” (Prange Call No. D229).


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