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Updated “Search/Access at a Glance” List

We have updated our “Search/Access at a Glance” list, a guide to Prange Collection materials that have been processed.  It is now accessible on our Search Tools page.  Our objectives for the new list include:

  • To make clear which materials are currently UNAVAILABLE.  We restrict access to materials that are being digitized. By consulting this list prior to a visit, you can avoid arriving at the Prange Collection, only to find out the materials that you wanted to use are unavailable.
  • To guide researchers to the closest location for accessing Prange materials on microforms or in digital form.  Over the last two decades, we have microfilmed all of the Prange magazines and newspapers (including the censorship documents) and are currently digitizing the Prange book collection. We have undertaken these preservation/access projects in partnership with the National Diet Library of Japan.  Several institutions in the United States and Japan have copies of the magazine and newspaper microforms.  If you are interested in using these materials, check the list to see if the microforms are held by an institution near you.  The digital images of the books may be used onsite in the Prange Collection or at the National Diet Library of Japan.   
  • To explain the most effective way to search for materials.  There are many ways to search for Prange Collection materials, whether by using the National Diet Library of Japan’s Digital Collections, using an article-level database to the Prange magazines and a portion of the Prange newspapers  (Note: this database is administered by an NPO, and it’s fee-based) and by using the UMD Libraries’online catalog, etc.  Let us show you the most effective way to search for Prange materials.
  • To help researchers make connections across materials types in the Prange Collection.  For instance, a researcher interested in Religious Studies may not be aware of Prange children’s books on religious themes. This list may help researchers start to make those connections.

We hope this list is helpful!  Please send comments to prangebunko@umd.edu.  We appreciate your feedback.

[NOTE:   The Search/Access at a Glance list does not list all materials held in the Prange Collection.  It is a list of materials that have been processed (either microfilmed or digitized) to date.  The list is subject to change and will be frequently updated as the digitization proceeds.]


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