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“What is the most researched topic in the Prange Collection?”

A patron once asked a Prange Collection staff member, “What is the most popular research topic in the Prange Collection?”  That was not an easy question to answer.  Over the years, scholars have researched a wide range of topics, including jazz, baseball, the development of the bullet train, and the pharmaceutical industry.  The Prange Collection holds materials on virtually every subject, and the research topics are endless.

However, two areas of study have attracted the attention of many scholars over the years: 1.  Korean residents in Japan during the Occupation, and 2.  the atomic bombs (Hiroshima/Nagasaki). Below are examples of publications on these topics that incorporated findings from research in the Prange Collection:

Korean Residents in Japan:

  • “The Korean press in Japan after World War II and its censorship by occupation authorities.” (Yoon, Heesang. 2004.) College Park, Md: University of Maryland. http://hdl.handle.net/1903/199.
  • “Zainichi Chōsenjin no media kūkan: GHQ senryōki ni okeru shinbun hakkō to sono dainamizumu.” (Kobayashi, Sōmei. 2007.  Tōkyō: Fūkyōsha.)
  • “GHQ占領期における在日朝鮮人団体機関紙の書誌的研究”. Intelligence.(12): 38-50. (小林聡明. 2012)
  • “戦後占領期の朝鮮人学校教科書に見る「民族意識」 : プランゲ文庫所蔵の史料を通して”. Intelligence. (12): 51-59. (池貞姫. 2012.)

The Atomic Bombs (Hiroshima and Nagasaki):

  • “The Atomic bomb suppressed : American censorship in Japan, 1945-1949”  (Braw, Monica, Göran Rystad, and Sven Tägil. 1986. Malmo, Sweden: Liber International.)
  • “原爆報道と検閲.” Intelligence. (2003): 42-47. (中川正美. 2003)
  • “GHQ/SCAP占領下の原爆表現–ccd(民間検閲支隊)の検閲をめぐって.” 国語教育研究 / 広島大学国語教育会 編. (2008): 1-17. (岩崎文人. 2008.)
  • “Genbaku to Ken’etsu: Amerikajin Kishatachi Ga Mita Hiroshima, Nagasaki.” (Shigesawa, Atsuko. 2010. Tōkyō: Chūō Kōron Shinsha.)
  • “Senryōki no shuppan media to puresukōdo : sengo Hiroshima no bungei katsudō” (Hiroshima-shi Bunka Kyōkai. 2013. )
  • “被爆者はどこに行ったのか? : 占領下の原爆言説をめぐって”. Intelligence.(13): 92-104. (石川巧. 2013.)

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