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Featured Publication: Censorship, Media and Literary Culture in Japan: From Edo to Postwar

BLOG_Censorship, Media and Literary Culture in Japan“Censorship, Media and Literary Culture in Japan (Suzuki, Tomi. 2012.Tōkyō: Shin’yōsha.)

This English-Japanese bilingual book illuminates the intersection between censorship systems and an array of artistic expression and media from the Edo period to postwar Japan.  It consists of three sections: print culture, literature, and popular media.

Prange materials were analyzed extensively in several chapters in the Literature section, which compares and contrasts the prewar/wartime Home Ministry’s censorship and the Occupation censorship system.   The Popular Media section also includes a chapter that examines Prange materials.  It explores a number of censored  poems found in Prange Collection magazines.  Poetry is one of the forms of artistic expression that is often overlooked by Occupation censorship scholars, in contrast to other art forms, such as fiction, drama, and film.  The research in this book demonstrates that Prange materials highlight the historical transformation and continuity across Japanese pre-modern and modern censorship history and expand the scope of scholarly focuses on a variety of literary forms  in Occupied Japan.


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